La Présentation of the Fracture Dura Mater


This is my family and the land where we live. Both my parents’ families have resided in the village of La Présentation, Quebec for 5 generations. Each side of the family has a long tradition of making maple syrup, being involved in local agriculture, and respecting the soil.

In the past few years, hydraulic fracking, a process to extract shale gas from underground deposits, has become a dominant and dangerous occurrence. The population is fighting to stop this process, as it is a threat to the health of the people, as well as causing significant environmental damage. Fracking greatly reduces the quality of life in the surrounding areas and contributes to a decline in property value. While a request to write a moratorium to stop the catastrophe has been requested, no such definitive moratorium presently exists.


2006 - Claims for owning the underground land of La Vallée du St-Laurent were sold by the government at below market value rates. The new owners are mostly foreign gas companies. 

2007 - The fracking of Marcellus Shale began in Quebec. The population was not notified.

2009 - Hydraulic fracking in the village of La Présentation began in November. The population was not notified.The first well in La Presentation is 320 feet away from a family daycare.


Between 7 and 20 millions of liters or drinkable water, with 594 different chemical products are mixed during the hydraulic fracking process. Tank trucks come and go constantly. The municipalities sold pure water at $2 per tank truck.

40% of the water cocktail stays underground. The other 60% cannot be decontaminated in water purification facilities. Water tank trucks disappear. There are presently 31 wells in Quebec. 19 of them are problematic: they leak methane and La Présentation is one of them.

Methane is a natural gas created by the decomposition of organic matter. Methane causes greenhouse gases and is a direct link to global warming. The methane in the underground water is a main contributor to the depletion of the ozone layer. It is flammable. 


A researcher from Alberta proved that underground water is affected by a leaking well in Quebec. However, this study refuses to state which well it comes from. La Présentation has a one in two chance of being one of the wells with toxic underground water. It has been leaking methane for years. Methane is odorless and invisible. 

La Vallée du St-Laurent is an area of Quebec that is very important in terms of the production of agriculture. Most of the province population lives in the area and/or is fed by it’s agriculture.